Friday, January 7, 2011

Boxing and Mermaids

Thanks, Mark! I like this Smashing Pumpkins homage so much—let me count a few of the initial ways I like it--

1. A woman gets to come along (not just serve as the beautiful, leggy assistants oops, I mean Marines).

2. They leap from the ship and Mary Poppins down to the surface instead of crashing into the poor moon’s eye!

3. They don’t annihilate the culture of the Selenites to quite the same degree (by killing off the king).

4. The woman uses her umbrella instead of the man’s fists! (Why do I prefer one form of violence to another?)

5. They include an homage to the Georges Méliès Mermaid too!

Mark put up the Salt Lake Film Society (SLFS) link, as well as the Sundance link. A new documentary called the Boxing Gym just opened at the Towner (SLFS). If you’re planning to take in a movie and want company, use the blog to let people know. I go to a lot of movies (really, Jans?), usually at the last minute, but I’ll try to do the same.

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