Monday, January 31, 2011

Thoughts in Ten Words or Less

1. If a Tree Falls--Powerful, well-rounded, unbiased human interest story that was surprisingly engaging.

2. Sing Your Song--Interesting, revealing biopic that failed to show any negativity.

3. The Black Power Mix Tape-- Had two interesting parts but overall uninspiring.

4. Redemption of General Butt Naked-- Huge disappointment. Perfect example of the camera changing reality.

5. Miss Representation--Enthralling & engaging. Director's "story" was annoying & distracting.

6. Crime After Crime--Amazing. Emotional. Frustrating. Wept through nearly all of it.

7. Rebirth--Surprisingly touching & moving. Human interest stories made it beautiful.

8. Beats, Rhymes & Life

9. The Flaw

10. Connected: An Autobiography about love...---Irritating. Too many thrown-out ideas. Not enough exploration.

11. The Interrupters--Surprisingly engaging. Simultaneously touching and humorous.

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