Friday, February 4, 2011

My Sundance Experience

I really enjoyed going to Salt Lake with everyone from class. I was glad to get to know all of you better. You all have varying opinions on film, and I enjoyed hearing about your likes and dislikes of the films we watched (among other subjects).
I thought that the majority of the documentaries we watched were very good. I especially liked Crime After Crime. I have always been very interested in the legal system, so that documentary was right up my alley. It left me feeling angry and disappointed with our legal system. But, that isn't anything new to me. It gave me more ammunition to use when I debate with someone about it :)
I didn't enjoy Rebirth nor The Flaw because I am not very interested in the subjects. But, I did enjoy the graphs and the cartoons that they used in The Flaw and I really liked the time-lapse photography in Rebirth. I may have not been very interested, but at least they had some good aspects. All the documentaries were like that for me. I liked at least some of the things in them, even if I didn't like the documentaries as a whole.
Because I have seen so many films (I'm not bragging at all, I just don't have a life), I am very picky about them. I was happy to get to see so many documentaries that I enjoyed. I think that everyone that got to help in deciding which ones to go to did a very good job.
In closing, I would like to say that I am glad that it's over! It was exhausting, and though I love to go to the movie theater, I never want to go to 11 movies in a week ever again!


  1. Yeah, it was pretty hectic. But I agree with your sentiment, getting together as a group, and then breaking into smaller groups, it was the perfect way to experience these films, as far as I'm concerned.

  2. I want to go to 11 movies in a week again next year!


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