Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Practice in Conciseness- My 10 Word Thoughts

I for one really enjoyed this year's film festival as well as the company and the opportunity to get to know and talk with classmates about the films we saw! Thanks everyone!

Here are my answers to the post Jans asked us to fill out

1. If a Tree Falls- Addresses the question "What is Terrorism/Activism"- no real answers

2. Sing Your Song- Glorified portrayal of man trying to make a difference 

3. The Black Power Mix Tape- View of our civil rights movement from a different lens

4. Redemption of General Butt Naked- Document of one general's search for forgiveness

5. Miss Representation- Missed it :(

6. Crime After Crime- Biased look into a flawed and corrupt judicial system

7. Rebirth- Surprisingly un-emotion evoking 9/11 film- not about 9/11

9. The Flaw- Informative and complex depiction of an equally complex financial crisis

10. Connected: An Autobiography about love...- Discussion starter for the ideas of global connectedness

11. The Interrupters- (Too) Long attempt at showcasing local heroes at work

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