Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Happens When the Rich Get Richer?

The Flaw (2011)
Directed by David Sington

This film is an attempt not only to explain the current economic crisis in America and the rest of the world, but also to explain the fundamental flaw within the current economic system which allowed such a crisis to occur, all while trying to be entertaining about what many consider to be a dull topic. The film takes a sort of "Economics for Dummies" approach to the financial crisis. It takes on the format of a guided tour of Wall Street, beginning the film with shots of an actual tour and ending in the same way. This is a way of essentially holding the viewer's hand and guiding them through the way our economy works and why it is having problems. While some may find this method demeaning, it is ultimately very useful for what the film is trying to accomplish. Ultimately, the film is designed to inform a very uninformed populous about the problems in its own economy so that they can take action in a more meaningful way. One can not take action, however, if one does not understand the basics. I will admit, however, that the repeativity of the film can seem a little bothersome at times for those of us who are quick to learn new concepts.

The film makes interesting use of the "traditional" style of talking-heads interview. There are several occasions where the camera zooms almost uncomfortably close to the interviewee's face, to the point where you can see wrinkles and nose hairs and whatnot. This seems to be another way of demonstrating how we must place not only these people but the American economy itself under a microscope and determine exactly why we are in this predicament.

For anyone who needs a quick reminder of what the film is like, you can watch the trailer as well as a clip from the film at this website: http://theflawmovie.com/trailerandclipstrailer1.html

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