Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10 Words... okay, I can do this.

1. If a Tree Falls:

Balanced presentation; extreme example of social activism, for our culture.

2. Sing Your Song:

I didn't know Harry Belafonte, so I ended up learning.

3. The Black Power Mix Tape:

Most experimental in form; a trove of remarkable found footage.

4. Redemption of General Butt Naked:

Won "Cinematography"; the HD footage of crocodile tears was impressive.

5. Miss Representation:

Errm, Catfish was good. Beware your facebook romance. Maybe fictional?

6. Crime After Crime:

Effective at gripping an audience. Kind of glossed over culpability.

7. Rebirth:

An intense exploration of raw grief. Hopeful ending, too long.

8. Beats, Rhymes & Life:

I'll bet this one was good, really good, Morris good...

9. The Flaw:

IGood film if the info was new to you. Late.

10. Connected: An Autobiography about love...

The stuff about brains was good. The rest, hmm, flabby.

11. The Interrupters

Too long by half. Good story, if trimmed down some.

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