Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's paper time, guys

Time to start thinking about your theses. Or just let this thing do it:


  1. Ok, I tried it for the film the Hitchhiker, directed by Ida Lupino (the only woman to direct films noirs, and an independent film maker! She's the director they want we to write about for the Film Noir: The Director's book.) But the thesis doesn't make any sense, not for a 1950s movie...or does it?

    Through the prevalence of foreground obstructions, the Hitchhiker delegitimizes stereotypical conceptions of Islamofascism.

    Wait, maybe if I took out Islamofascism and put in...road movies. Anyhow, it might work as well as the word cloud:)to generate an idea. And it misspelled prevalence!

  2. I don't think the theses this generates are actually tied to the films :). I just got this for No Country:

    Through the use of subversive semiotics, No Country for Old Men masks colonial attitudes toward race.


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